My name is Aleksa, I am a professional photographer and this is my site; settle down;) In this section you will find interesting facts about me

My career:

By education, I am a psychologist. After graduating from university in Moscow, I worked as a personnel psychologist for several years. I love psychology very much and I develop in it constantly. The ability to understand myself and other people is the most necessary thing in our life. Knowledge of psychology helps me to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere during a photo shoot and find a common language with children and adults.

About photography:

I started taking pictures in the 5th grade when my parents gave me the first film camera. Since childhood I was fascinated by this magic - to catch the right moment, to build a frame and select the angle. While studying at the university, I met with the first professional camera, and I began to shoot all the significant events at the university and my classmates and that I realized that photography is mine. Therefore, I decided to study this case professionally. I completed the course at one of the best photographers in Russia. I visited and continues to attend various master classes, exhibitions and other events of top photographers in Russia and the world.

It is very important for me to catch and preserve the sincere emotions that we experience in important moments of our life in photography. Therefore, I take off love - and no matter what manifestation it is in: a couple in love, future parents are waiting for the baby, emotions relatives and friends at the wedding ...

My personal

I was born in the capital of Russia - the city of Moscow. This is a special city where my childhood passed and where my parents grew up for me. My husband is an IT person who supports me in everything. We love to travel by car, by train, we fly by plane, we live in a tent on the lake or on the 60th floor of an elite hotel. We always strive to try something new, like a kitchen of another nation or unusual sports.  We had a wedding in Australia near the Sydney Opera House in 2013, then we made plans to move here. Our dream come true in 2018, we moved to Sydney.
We have a wonderful friend Chihuahua named Balta, whom we often take with us. I also like to cook and watch TV shows while I process photos;)