Love story in Seoul

Today I want to share with you a love story session that I shot in Seoul (South Korea),

as well as tell interesting facts about a photo session and about lovers in this wonderful country.



One of the most interesting facts about couples in South Korea is their love to dress the same. Very often on the streets of Seoul, you can meet a guy with a girl dressed in the same or very similar clothes. In this way, they show their love and belonging to each other.


The guys came to me on a photo shoot in very similar clothes, only different in colors - both in sweaters and jeans.

Another interesting fact is how Koreans show love with gestures. Look at the photo on the left.
I have not seen this in any other country, but it seems to me that it is very cute and original.

Of course, we have saved for the , memory in the photos these gestures mean their love.

And the last thing I would like to tell you is how to overcome the language barrier

and take beautiful pictures of loving couples, with some difficulty in understanding the language

The main thing is to give the couple to be themselves and relax. To photo session is not perceived as mandatory photographs, and was part of the walk. 



As a photographer, I was just nearby and caught beautiful and sincere moments.

When cool ideas came to my mind I showed poses on my husband for clarity and simplicity understanding. It really funny and helps my couple to relax when they see themselves from outside and can understand what needs to be done.

In conclusion, I want to say that in order to capture the love of 2 loving hearts,

it is not at all necessary to know their language, tell them how to stand up or make them pose.


You just need to let them be yourself!

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