Photoshoot lovers in the city

Hi everyone, today I was looking through my old photo sessions and I found the one that you'll absolutely like.

These photos were taken when I was back in Moscow. I'm truly in love with them. 

This is Max and Di, they're students.



"We met each other almost 5 years ago and nothing happened 😂 ",- once told me Di. "But then we became really good friends and spent a lot of time together. It took 2 years to understand that we actually can be and we want to be much more than friends. So, here we are, 3 years later, the happiest people on the whole Earth, spreading love and good vibes!" 


It was a pleasure to take photos of them because we got along well since the first minute. Also, we were in the stunning location in the center of Moscow and to my surprise, there were almost no people at all. So we were able to take pictures in a comfortable atmosphere.


Can't wait to visit your wedding and I hope that it'll be as soon as possible!:) 

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